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Rape in Conflict Zones- U.N. Action

Violence continues to touch so many parts of the world today. Not only has it and does it leave dead and broken bodies, it leaves broken souls.  The death tolls from these genocides, wars and conflicts are staggering but equally staggering is the number of rape victims.

Here are their stories:

 "The soldiers are raping women to punish the populations who they suspect of supporting insurgency groups," she said. "And also they rape the women to disturb the faith and psychological welfare of these ethnic women. For example in 2003, a woman was raped by four soldiers on her way back home from the market. Until now she is mentally disturbed."
Story from Myanmar

"A woman would never go to report a rape to the HNP [Haitian National Police]," said a Haitian woman, "she is likely to be raped by them again."

"After raping her they killed her by shooting into her vagina. No action was taken."

A stick was pushed into the private parts of an 18-year-old pregnant girl and it appeared through [the abdomen]. She was torn apart.They [army-backed paramilitaries] stripped the women and made them dance in front of their husbands. Several were raped. You could hear the screams coming from a ranch near El Salado."
Story from Columbia

Stories from the Congo 
I always remember a girl, "Mya," 14 years old, from Bunyakiri village. During the counseling session I held with her in 2004, she shared with me that she was raped by 11 armed soldiers after her village was attacked. Orphaned due to the war in 1996, she was living with her mother and two brothers in the same house. One night, people with guns and knives and sticks came to her house. It was not difficult for them to force and open the door. Eleven men gang raped her mother after they killed the two brothers who tempted to shout and ask for help.

Towards midnight, I heard the crackle of gunfire all around the village... As I was trying to escape with my children, seven soldiers broke down the door to my house, threw me down to the ground and raped me. I lost consciousness till the next day... When I walk I have to hold my abdomen with my skirt, because it hurts so much. I cannot walk very far now and as the soldiers took everything, I can hardly manage to look after my children.
Pauline, Democratic Republic of Congo

Not only does it affect females, males too are not immune to these brutal rapes.

"Pauli," from Kaniola village, lost his virility for two years due to trauma accumulated after he was raped in front of his wife and children in 2002. The mistake he made was to try to protect his wife against a band of rapists. This man was crying for two years. You could see the way tears were flowing from his eyes, with a deep feeling that he was no longer a man.  He has lost the taste of life.

"After my relative declined to give me a job at his shop, I went to a labour market where two men hired me for construction work for 50 Afghani (US $1) a day. They took me into an empty house where they both forcefully had sex with me."
12 year old Afghan Boy