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Child Abuse

Child Abuse constitutes all forms of physical and\or emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment or commercial or other exploitation, resulting in actual or potential harm to the child's health, survival, development or dignity, in the context of a relationship of responsibility, trust or power. WHO

 A child is anyone under the age of 18 years.


Physical abuse - is characterized by physical injury, such as bruises, fractures that result from punching, beating, kicking, biting, shaking, throwing, stabbing, choking or burning.

Therefore if you see or know of anyone with unexplained bruises or recurring stories that make no sense, that child maybe a victim of physical abuse.


Emotional abuse which is not often the focus of discussions of child abuse is a also a violation of the rights of child. This emotional abuse refers to the repeated expression of disgust, dislike and rejection of a child, which leads to feelings of worthlessness, self-pity and low self- esteem. It is not good enough to call this tough love or that the child needs to develop a tough skin. This is still abuse!


 Never leave your child with a stranger

Never ignore your child

Never ignore dramatic changes in behavior for example, if a child suddenly goes from being extremely outgoing and extroverted and suddenly become very quiet and introverted. This child could have been a victim of child sexual abuse.

Never punish a child who complains that they have been sexually molested. Not only is it difficult to talk about but by refusing to believe your child, that child now feels alone and rejected.


Remember that a sexual abuse is often at the hands of an individual the child is familiar with. While it may be difficult to accept that your brother, your sister, father or other relative is capable of such an atrocity, it is far more difficult for your child to continue to be a victim of sexual abuse.


Parents, teach your child to shout or scream for help when in danger or when touched inappropriately.

Teach your child the difference between a safe touch and an inappropriate touch.

Teach your child to say no to strangers offering them sweets or rides especially now in the age of date-rape drugs etc.

Source (Child Development Agency)


If you only knew

If you only knew,

The struggles that she faced,

The wars she waged,

The suicidal thoughts she thought,

The inner fights she fought.

Well, I know.


         If you only knew

                                      How your insults cut her,

                                     Like a well-aimed dagger,

Stabbed her right in her heart,

And agonizingly ripped her apart.

Well, I know.


If you only knew,

She is not stupid,

She really is not foolish,

Neither is she ugly,

Instead quite beautiful.

Well, I know.

If you only knew,

With what she found her solace,

The hideout to which she raced,

The sole reason was to create a diversion,

As she made a painful incision.

Well, I know.



        If you only knew,

                                        She was living hell,

                                 But she masked it well,

Hiding her life of misery,

The days of self-pity.

Well, I know.


If you only knew,

She could not find a voice to scream,

Instead, she cried herself to sleep.

She was forced to cut herself,

And let her blood scream her hell.

Well, I know.



If you only knew,

She was born to be great

And that she would some day make it,

She would learn to love herself,

And discover her inner wealth.

Yes, I know.


         If you only knew,

                     She would rise above the self-inflicted wounds,

She would finally crawl out of her tomb,

Rise again from the dead,

Forever leaving her voice of red.

Yes, I know…


But if she only knew.